“I wonder if this is all I’ll ever be...smoke rising from a house burning in the middle of the night...the smell of a gun after it’s been fired - a beautiful after thought”


The world has ended today, or tomorrow, or yesterday. 2 women, previously strangers find themselves surviving together side by side when they are the last left standing. This, however, is not a story of the ending, but a beginning-Eve & Eve, and their chance to get it right. What must they put behind them in order to move forward? When there is nothing but settled dust, silence, and the pieces of before - What remains?


What makes a girl into a woman? Different women have defined womanhood in many different ways, but the one thing that can be agreed upon is the certainty of their claim to that identity. I didn’t know the difference between a girl and a woman until I woke up one day, and I had somehow become the later. Similarly, I didn’t know that I was black until I stumbled into that realization. 

Burning House Smoking Gun is a piece comprised of a collection of eight monologues exploring perspectives of racial womanhood. Each of these segments are tied together with expressions of grief, joy, movement, and breath from the Diaspora. Living in the points of intersection between the white and black woman’s identity, Burning House, Smoking Gun investigates; are these two different? How so? And what the heck do we do now.




Germaine is thrilled to be making her playwright debut as part of The Stages at The And,. She extends her sincerest thank you to the brilliant women in her life who inspire her everyday by living boldly in their truth.

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