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Kelisha Daley is a passionate, interdisciplinary performance-artist. As an emerging Actress and recent graduate of Humber Theater’s Performance program, Kelisha uses her training to propel her artistic practice but she also loves to indulge in cinematic styles of expression too! In her artistic practice, Kelisha prefers using visuals elements like video art, architecture, and colour to tell a story. Equally, she loves to use emotional mediums, like poetry and music to drive a narrative and “complete” the environment in which they are set in. Her ambition as an artist is to tell imaginative but honest, raw, and thought-provoking stories whether she is onscreen or behind the camera. Her most recent accomplishment includes the premier of her short film, Where There is Room to Bloom at the 2020 Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival, this October. | @theandstagecompany | 780-201-1436