"For so long, I was trying to write music theatre songs like everyone else. But I realized this year that I've been looking at it all wrong, I don't want to write songs- I want to write music. So that's what I'm doing now."

"This set features music from "Nothing, Something, Anything," "First Impressions," and "Parallel." Three completely different stories, with completely different characters. My goal over the past year was to try and write stories about characters that are ordinary people, in extraordinary circumstances, and I wanted each piece of music to reflect the exact world they were living in, rather than always writing in a style that I felt comfortable with. I believe that if you feel comfortable playing something while you're writing it, or something is easy for you to write, then you've probably written it before. I'm trying to live in the unknown, and feel uncomfortable while writing my work, and I am quite proud of what I've been creating recently, and I think that the music that myself and my colleagues will perform at The Stages will be a reflection of that." 

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Juliette Jones is a Toronto based composer/lyricist and music director. Since pursuing music theatre, Juliette has found a passion for writing new works and building musical worlds.


CURRENT: Composer/Lyricist for MMAS at The Musical Stage Company, Music Director for Heresy at Paprika Festival, Music Director for Last Year at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. FUTURE: Music Director for The Little Mermaid Jr at Bravo Academy, Music Director for A Time of Future Tales at Hamilton Fringe. 

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