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“The Playground Project is a platform instilling the idea that anything is possible”

A playground is a great metaphor for what our company The Playground Project stands for; constant investigation, the eagerness of life and human connection. This, as a result, is where our movement derives from, a place that is open-minded and curious.

This magical, timeless place is one where people develop their vision and artistry resulting in limitless opportunities, possibilities and outcomes. The connections that are established in a playground with individuals of different genders and ethnicities start to shape our perception and imagination.

 We also want to acknowledge the youthfulness within this company and its message to use it to create work that will benefit the community in a social and political darker climate. Our process strives to always have a playful ability in creating. In addition, we believe the collaboration between choreographer and dancer is crucial to keeping the work genuine and inquisitive.

Collectively we feel that there should be no boundaries when it comes to ideas and styles of movement. We do not wish to conform to the specific rules of dance and want to explore how to fuse multiple styles to create our own blend. Through this research lab, we wish to explore the fusion of cultures through movement such as Spanish, and urban influences while not forgetting our technical background.

 “...And Pose”


Our Piece “...And Pose” was originally created with one thought in mind. “Physical”. We wanted to create something that was the most technical piece we had done and wanted to challenge our dancer's bodies and minds. As rehearsals have gone by we have kept “physicality” in mind while also adding personality to the movement. 

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Maria started dancing at the age of four in Ballarte School of Ballet in Bogota, Colombia. She had classical Russian training until her family moved to Canada when she was 7. She is currently training at Ryerson Universities Performance Dance program going into her third year. She has worked and been part of many projects such as Schafer's Labyrinth, Angela Blumberg (2019);CRAM Event, Coralee Mclaren (2019); Followthrough, Kirsten Sullivan, Ryerson Enchoreo (2019);Dance Dance Dance, Malika Mowinski, Choreo Ball (2018); Valkaria, Alyssa Pires, Kenny Pearl Winter Intensive (2018); Sacra, David Earl, Kenny Pearl Winter Intensive (2018); Opsha, Kevin O’day, ProArte Apprentice Intensive (2018); Triple Quartet, Roberto Campanella, ProArte Apprentice Intensive; Sleeping Beauty, character work/acting, National Ballet of Canada (2018). @maria.riano

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Dominique Tersigni is an emerging Toronto-based freelance artist. Dominique trained at Interplay School of Dance as a competitive dancer, where she studied a variety of dance genres. Dominique has been fortunate to work with talented choreographers such as Roberto Campanella and Robert Glumbek of ProArte Danza, Tori Mehaffey, Riley Sims, Kylie Thompson, Jessica Ford, Christina Digiuseppe, Melissa Williams, and Allain Lupien, in events such as Fever After Dark, Choreographers Ball, Industry Night, Dance Made in Canada, The Next Step TV show and the Parapan Am opening ceremonies.  Currently Dominique is freelancing within the city and beginning to build her own company with colleague Maria Riano called The Playground Project. @dominique.tersigni 

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